Sunday, December 11, 2016

Nomination for Ten Outstanding Elementary School Pupils of Iloilo Awards is now open!

The Search for the Ten Outstanding Elementary School Pupils of Iloilo for the academic year 2016-2017 is on! Nomination forms are available at the Department of Education, Division of Iloilo, Lapaz, Iloilo City.

Below are the schedule and mechanics for the Search.

1. Schedule of Activities
Deadline for Submission of Nominations ………   Wednesday, January 11, 2017
Written Examinations …………………………….   Friday, January 27, 2017
 Panel Interview of Finalists ……………………… Wednesday, February  22, 2017
Awarding Ceremony ……………………………..    Friday, March 24, 2017

Final venues/changes/details for the above activities will be posted at the OSCI official blog   

2. Qualifications of nominees for the 10 Outstanding Elementary School Pupils awards
a) Must be a graduating elementary school pupil by AY 2016-2017
b) A bonafide student of the nominating school
c) Must have participated or been awarded in, at least, a Congressional level activity which
    was not sponsored by the nominating school. 
d) Of good moral and academic standing
e) Displays distinctive leadership qualities
f) Exhibits meritorious service to his peers, school, and community
g) Participates in other worthwhile undertakings for the success and honor of his/her school or
h) Serves as positive role model epitomizing the importance of hard and honest work

3. Selection Criteria
            a) Academic Achievements                                50%
                        a.1) Academic Grades                50%
                        a.2) Written Examinations           50%
            b) Co-curricular activities*                                  35%
            c) Personal Interview                                         15%     
4. Mechanics
a) Participating school submits to the Department of Education (Division where the school is under)
   the personal data, academic grades, and list of co-curricular activities* of the school nominee using 
   standard forms. 
b) Nomination forms are available from the Department of Education.
c) A school can have only one nominee.
d) A school can have its own criteria in selecting a nominee. Any questions as regards the school’s
    nominee or its selection process must be directed to and settled within the school. OSCI will not 
    entertain questions or complaints in this regard.
e) Nominees collectively go to a specified place at a specified date for written examinations. OSCI
    formulates the test questions.
f) Screening committee of OSCI gives points to nominees’ academic achievements and co-curricular
g) The top 15 with highest accumulated points are called back for final interview before a panel of
    judges. Candidates are interviewed based on questions and grading system designed by OSCI.
h) Final points are tallied. The results, after the deliberation of the Screening Committee, are final and
i) Official results are sent to the Department of Education.

j) Awardees are officially informed to receive their awards.

                                                                ** E N D **

Co-curricular activities are activities which are sponsored by or done in coordination with a) the Department of Education or b) an association of schools recognized or accredited by the Department of Education. DepEd sponsored or coordinated co-curricular activities must be, at the minimum, Congressional level activities; DepEd sponsored or coordinated co-curricular activities lower than Congressional level will not be considered for evaluation and should not be included in the nominee’s folder. Community- or church-based activities must be endorsed by the head of the local government unit or the church which sponsored the activity. OSCI reserves the right to disregard non-DepEd sponsored or coordinated activities; reclassify the level of activities; or ask a school to show the original documents if necessary.
documents if necessary.  

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