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The Ten Outstanding Elementary Pupils of Iloilo for AY 2010-2011
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Villanueva - Most Outstanding Elementary Pupil of Iloilo for the Academic Year 2010-2011

1. Villanueva, Jinnah Mae C. - SPED - Integrated School for Exceptional Children
Nominated by: Elizabeth L. Orquiola, Principal III
Parents : Froilan B. Villanueva, mechanical engineer; Sofia Catong Villanueva, teacher
Coach: Valerie May B. Belleza

2. Galvan, Ramon A. III - Iloilo Central Commercial High School
Nominated by: Warren Uy, Assistant Principal
Parents : Ramon M. Galvan, Jr., mechanical engineer; Lydia A. Galvan, employee
Coach: Ma. Thesa J. Conlu

3. Nismal, Gianne Gilbert P. - Sto. Domingo Elementary School
Nominated by: Melody G. Lacuesta, Principal
Parents : Gilbert Nismal, dentist; Mary Jane Nismal, physician
Coach: Jhon Francis M. Clavel

4. Soltones, Kenn John S. - Sta. Barbara Central Elementary School
Nominated by: Rex Victor c. Gardose, Principal III
Parents: Luis S. Soltones, farmer; Viola S. Soltones, engineer
Coach: Jessica S. Sequito

5. Tse Wing, Paula Margarita - West Visayas State University, Integrated Laboratory School
Nominated by: Asso. Prof. Ma. Luisa S. Jucaban, Director-ILS
Parent: Mary Antoniette J. Tse Wing, self-employed
Coach: Antoniette D. Cortez

6. Dasas, Neil Marc S. - Solomon Integrated School de Iloilo
Nominated by: Ma. Maristella T. Olmoguez, School Administrador
Parents: Arnel F. Dasas, radiation therapy technologist; Maria Fe Suficiencia-Dasas, caregiver
Coaches: Collin G. Sales, Gerard Bhel T. Bionat

7. Togonon, Justin Adriel Zent G. - Children's Integrated School of Alta Tierra, Inc.
Nominated by: Cosette C. Justiniani, School Directress
Parents : Jenifred Diaz Togonon, civil engineer; Rose Edith Gautier-Togonon,
cpa-lawyer, prosecutor
Coach: Rechie S. BraƱa

8. Jaro, Ma. Christelli L. - Jaro I Elementary School
Nominated by: Elenita G. Java, Principal IV
Parents: Christopher A. Jaro, teacher; Ma. Geanelli L. Jaro, teacher
Coach: Liberty P. Sulit

9. Sibug, Antonio V. - Baluarte Elementary School
Nominated by: Dominica T. Parcia, PhD, Principal IV
Parents: Lemwell R. Sibug, electrical engineer; Eva V. Sibug, housewife
Coach: Cody M. Malimbag

10.Mellizas, Mary Diane L. - Cabatuan Central Elementary School
Nominated by: Angelo T. Paniza, PhD, Principal III
Parents: Arnold T. Mellizas, contractual; Ma. Linda L. Mellizas, government employee
Coach: Mrs. Ma. Concepcion T. Tobias

(L-R) Galman, Nismal, Soltones

(L-R) Tse Wing, Dasas, Togonon

(L-R) Jaro, Sibug, Mellizas

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Congratulations to all the awardees! A good start for a promising life. Godbless!

Just me

Congrats to Antonio! We know you will make it! Go go go go

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Congratulations Gianne. We are very proud of you.